Every day different careers and professional opportunities are emerging. No matter how much you want to do all of them you will have to prioritize and choose the best option for you.

Self Assessment: The entire process of career planning should be ideally done in conjunction with your career counsellor, such that you have professional help at every step.

A trained career counsellor can help you identify several professions in which you can be good. Even if your test indicates your aptitude in medicine – lack of half a mark can prove to be an obstacle and thus makes it vital that your list of possible professions be long.

When I took my test, the long list of professions included being a florist, teacher, counsellor, doctor, shop assistant etc. The thought that I have aptitude to be something other than a career counsellor is very comforting. When students get tired of me I can always be a gardener!!
Let no person ever tell you that you are good for nothing. Each one of us have talents, it is important to identify them & then work hard to develop them further.

Self Analysis: Another equally important aspect of self assessment is self analysis or soul searching. We are the best judge for ourselves. If you concentrate and decide to be honest with yourself the self analysis can project remarkable results.

Need for Planning: Ask all the grown ups you know what they wanted to become when they were young. The chances are very few of them actually became what they aspired towards in childhood. This may not essentially be a reflection of their failure – but an important evidence of change. Circumstances change, ideas change so do people. So it will be for many of you. By the time you grow up you will end up working in professions that you or even your parents have never heard about today. Some of you may work in traditional professions and move along a well planned path.

In the words of Henry C. Link ” the truth about making a plan: It never works (not in the way you plan it, that is). If, however,you do make a plan,the chances of getting what you want significantly increase.”

But one thing is quite definite that only those of you who will work hard towards your studies, acquire new skills as you move along in life, involve yourself in cultural/sports activities and attempt to plan your life will be successful.

Career Counseling at Educare

Choosing the right career option or the appropriate course to your aptitude.
Identifying your values, aspirations and goals.
Scope of a course or a career that you are pursuing or planning to pursue in India or abroad.
Let your imagination soar and plan your career such that it integrates your strengths, values and your hobbies. Success can be smoother in life for those people to whom work is not a chore but a joy.